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How to Honour 
Who You Are 
in Intimate Relationships

Even if you don't have "everything" together yet!

  • When you get confusing signals in intimate relationships, do you experience feelings of anguish and rejection? 
  • Do you find yourself experiencing the same push/pull patterns over and over again? 
  • Do you become so distracted by your relationship that you lose focus on other aspects of your life? 
  • Do you struggle to experience feelings of value and regard in intimate relationships?
  • When you experience unexplained changes, do you take responsibility for the relationship and try to make it right? 

Hi, I'm Evie

As women, our tendency is to believe that in order to attract a desirable relationship we need to be super cool, considerate, fun and have “everything” together. However, this strategy omits true connection with the result that we rarely proceed past the initial stages. 

- What if you knew how to connect so that your relationships could develop beyond this and to the next level?

- What if you knew how to form exciting and fulfilling relationships?

Are you ready to transform your hopes 
about relationships into a reality?

Would you like to be so connected that:

  • Others connect with you.
  • Your relationships move to the next level.
  • You develop relationships that are exciting, freeing and fulfilling.

The Secret to Meaningful and Lasting Relationships 
that Nobody is Talking About!

  • Learn how to tap into the behaviours that support a true emotional connection.
  • ​Truly honour who you are and no longer self-doubt.
  • ​​Create meaningful connections, where you are regarded.
  • ​Belong in relationships that matter.
  • ​Live a purposeful live where your passions and desires can be fulfilled!

Would you like to be the person that opens up a way for other people to connect with you? 

I wrote Honouring Your True Self to help progressive women like you, to truly honour who you are, so that you can connect more in your relationships. This book was born out of my desire to uncover the behaviours that support a true emotional connection and bring into sharp focus the self-limiting behavioural patterns that prevent relationships from developing and growing.

As part of this discovery, I devised a Self Centred Approach, which is based on self-regard. It includes tools that can be set into motions as you embark on the path to building relationships where meaning, trust and belonging liet at the very core. 

If you are reading this, you may have reached a point in your life where a relationship has taken an unexpected turn. You are experiencing feelings of abandonment, anguish or frustration and you are searching for answers so you can respond to these changes. Or maybe you are seeking the courage to take a step in a new direction? 
Have you ever had the conversation about truly honouring who you are? 

What others are saying: 

"Evie helped me to finally understand what was going on for me in my relationships! I feel very enlightened as a result of her process." Brenda

"Evie opened up a space for me to go deep and gain clarity on how to truly connect with myself. I feel more confident and hopeful going forward in my relationships. Evie's insights, guidance and encouragement have been invaluable to me." Karyn

"Evie's process is like balm for the soul. She shared with me some real insights about 
honouring my true self." Mary

"Evie's process gave me the reassurance and confidence to move forward in my relationships". 

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